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PAR Grant Program

The Player Assistance Reserve Fund provides junior specific players with the resources needed to compete in local, regional and national events.  Today’s competitive players and their families face a tremendous financial burden.  For those  wishing to compete in events who may not have the resources available, you now have the ability to apply to the Foundation to help offset these immense costs.

To impact young golfers across our state, the SCJGF implemented this program with the assistance of significant contributions from the Dustin Johnson Foundation (DJF) and an anonymous donor.   Referred to as the PAR Fund or the PAR Grant, this program is designed specifically to help junior golfers and their families who may not be able to afford the immense costs of financing participation in many of the opportunities available to today’s young golfer.  With help from the DJF, which is on the front end of this initiative, as well as other donors, we can now hit the ground running and offer assistance to those in need.

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